HallMills Network, LLC is a full fledged video production company with a new channel on Roku TV. We provide an array of services and a platform for independent creators; filmmakers, educators, advertisers and artists to showcase their productions and products. HallMills Network, LLC not only produces their own original shows, but has an interest to collaborate with mainstream networks, co-producers and advertisers for product placement, budgets, investments and licensing of content. Our objective is to expose the world of new talent and businesses on a global level, while simultaneously expanding our network.

HallMills Network, LLC production company specializes in all aspects of video productions including music videos, concerts, theater, live streaming, editing, actor courses, artist showcases, electronic press kits and management. HallMills Network, LLC's studios are located in the Ironbound Section of Newark, NJ and can also be found on most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube by simply typing our name. Feel free to contact us via email at Hallmillsnetwork@gmail.com or any of our social media platforms for more information. 
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