Two street kids who have to make a drug transaction for their “Big Homie” , somehow get robbed for all the money and drugs. Now they have to search through the city, find out who robbed them, and get the money and drugs back, all before their “Big Homie” hunts them down and kills them.

Meet Malcolm (Alonzo Herran Jr.). Young, Black and Living in America. Born into the rough streets of Newark, NJ he had 3 strikes against him when he made his mark in the world. Growing up in the projects taught him at a young age how to be a survivor. And a survivor he was. more.....
What happens when 8 ladies get together for their monthly 'Book Club' and do everything but read? They eat, they drink and they laugh at the mishaps that life has to offer. Follow these 8 women on their journey through this thing called life!

Spotlight Over The City is an internet radio/tv show hosted by the dynamic husband & wife duo Stan & Terri Long. Each week, we highlight things in the entertainment industry, community-based events, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, authors, film makers, under-the-radar talent, and the list goes on. We pride ourselves more.....
The BYOB is an artistic expression of advice and motivation to help you create generational wealth in your life. It is a labor of love that is there for your engagement please engage. Ask question and share with a friend you love. Hosted by: Anthony Donahue
Death By Design is a gritty, tear jerking, true life documentary about the causes, effects and cure to urban violence in Patterson, the third largest city in New Jersey. Families of victims relive their stories in graphic detail and the communities voices speak out in this gripping collaboration by P.R.O.J.E.C.T CHANGE(Teddy Martinez), Dynomyte Films(Jamal Hall), and Kidz Peace Team (Rob Harrell Jr.). Three men who have lived through urban violence and have pledged their lives toward creating peace.

Hurt People, Will Hurt People, But for the People “Betrayed... In Love”, Betrayed Teaches a Lesson is Pain, So Much More! Betrayed Explores the Dimensions of “Cheating & Infidelity”, from the Perspectives of “Invalid & Validated Reasoning”. Whether Supported by Assumptions or Neglect, “How Far Can One Go, To Retrieve Absolute Loyalty, Forgiveness & Love in Another”?
Some Say "Loyalty is Dead" & Killed by the Savage & Criminal Minded But What Happens When the Closest One to You Hates You the Most?

Is a New Series, that is Based Around the Newlywed Marriage of  Floyd and Sabrina De Marco: A Couple Who After 6 Months of Marital Bliss, Find Themselves in Various Challenges, Dealing with Past Relationships, Present Fears & Woes and Unresolved Baggage.  Will Communication, Trust, Faith & Love Conquer All?

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